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Øysten Tømmerås

Øystein Tømmerås (born 1970) studied at the Oslo National Academy of Art. His picture “The Fjord” is a gigantic painting showing the Stefjord and Mt. Stetind and the scenery surrounding it. The painting was exhibited at the Stenersen Museum, Oslo in 2008. These are the artist’s words about his painting:

“My grandfather grew up at Stefjordsnes in the house that my great-grandfather built. As I was studying I started spending my summers there. Very soon I realized that I wanted to challenge myself by trying out Mt. Stetind as a motif. Several years passed since the thought was sowed in my mind until I found my motif. I was sitting in a boat on my way across the Stefjord. And that is where I discovered it. I took a series of photographs and arranged them in a 360 degree panorama. This became the draft for “The Fjord”, which is 1.5 meters high and 16 meters wide. It is mounted on a slightly curved wall, so that the picture surrounds the observer. Mt. Stetind is situated in the centre of the picture, though quite far to the rear. Thus the painting has become an attempt to catch the sensation of being surrounded by the scenery while moving through it.”

– Øystein Tømmerås.

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