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Christopher Rådlund

Christopher Rådlund (born 1970) has studied at the Gothenburg School of Design and Crafts, Norwegian National Academy of Craft and Art Industry, Umeå Academy of Fine Arts and Oslo National Academy of Art.
Rådlund is famous for his paintings of mountains, with all their lines, contours, shadows and flickers of light, painted with precision. His version of Mt. Stetind shows the peak shrouded in fog.

“Mountains as a natural phenomenon interest me. I seek my motifs in all Nordic countries, but many of my compositions are from Tysfjord.
The mountains surrounding the fjord are beautifully shaped. I remember standing outside on an ice cold winter day, painting Mt. Stetind and the other mountains around it. That was an intense and very cold experience. Mt. Stetind has an expressive shape, the mountain stands out. It is an exceptional mountain."

- Christopher Rådlund.

Tysfjord kommune, Boks 104, 8591 Kjøpsvik
Telefon: 75 77 55 00, Faks: 75 77 55 55