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Åse Juul

Åse Juul has painted this watercolour of Mt. Stetind. She is a self-taught artist and has also been a curator at the Modern Art Gallery in Trondheim for more than 20 years – a gallery that has exhibited many versions of Mt. Stetind (www.modernartgallery.no/galleri1.htm)

This is how she describes her choice of motif:

”I knew that Mt. Stetind was our national mountain, but did not know where it was situated. As I was taking the ferry on the way to Svolvær in the summer of 2009, the peak suddenly appeared in the distance. I was fascinated by this mountain and by the fantastic nature up there. I have travelled all over the world, but you don´t find nature as beautiful anywhere, as in the Northern part of Norway. I used a photograph to paint this watercolour, after returning home from the journey.”

– Åse Juul

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