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Walking Track to Lake Svartvatnet

Text: Unni Skoglund

It is easy to find the trail that leads from the parking area near Kongssteinen to the mighty mountain. The first part of the trail runs through a scrub forest. The path winds its way along the Storelva river and numerous brooks. Therefore one has many opportunities to refill water supplies.

Ved Svartvatnet under Stetind @ Unni Skoglund

As the trail ascends, Mt.Stetind stays on the left hand side. The trees become scarcer as one passes the Storelvdalen Valley. The mire that lies at the tree border has to be crossed. This area might be slightly wet, but crossing it does not require any special challenges. After crossing the mire one reaches the rough scree terrain, which is physically challenging to cross. Lake Svartvatnet is just a short climb away after passing the rough terrain.

Svartvatnet is a glacial lake with beautiful green water, which lies 725 meters above the sea level. The lake makes the long walk worth while. Steep moist mountain walls rise upward from the water. This location, with Mt. Presttind to the right, offers a wonderful scenic view of the Stefjord and the Vestfjord. Svartvatnet is an attraction on its own. A 2-3 hour hike to Svartvatnet will be suitable for active children aged 10 and up.

Stetind sett fra stien @ Unni Skoglund


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