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Walking Track to Halls Fortopp (Hall’s Height)

From Svartvatnet the trail continues towards Halls Fortopp, which is the highest point that can be reached on foot. This point was named after the Dane Carl Hall, who built a cairn there in 1889. When you have reached Halls Fortopp, you have almost made it to the top.

The trail winds its way up on the backside of the mountain. It is recommended to wear hiking boots because of loose rocks on the path. The ascent is relatively challenging as the Height lies 1304 meters above sea level. The hike from the parking area to Halls Fortopp takes between 3 and four hours.

The view from Halls Fortopp is phenomenal. Mountains and fjords stretch in all directions as far as the eye can see.

If you decide to move on to the top of Mt. Stetind, you will need climbing gear and experience. There is an opportunity to join a guided tour with experienced mountain guides.

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