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Stetind becoming the National Mountain of Norway

After the UN had chosen 2002 as the year of the mountains, the "National Mountain of Norway" contest was organised by the NRK radio programme "Reiseradioen" in cooperation with The Norwegian Trekking Association.
The audience were eagerly participating and many mountains all over the country were suggested as candidates.

5 candidate mountains were selected for the final contest: Stetind in Tysfjord, Snøhetta in Dovre, Romsdalshorn in Møre og Romsdal, Gaustatoppen in Telemark and Glittertind in Jotunheimen.

It was decided that the mountain to receive most SMS votes by the 16th of august 2002 would win the contest.

 @ Media was following the contest with reports on how it was developing. If there is one thing Norwegians love, it is their mountains. There was, in other words, a strong devotion among the people. Local radio stations and newspapers were encouraging people to vote for Mt. Stetind. Many people followed this recommendation, with positive results.

Early in the morning of the 16th of August Børge Brende, the Minister of Environment at that time announced on NRK Reiseradioen that Mt. Stetind had received the most votes. Stetind had 43 % of all votes, while Snøhetta on the second had received 38 %.

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