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Mt. Stetind

Mt. Stetind rises 1392 meters above sea level and is situated in the Tysfjord Municipal District, Nordland County.

In 2002 Mt. Stetind was awarded the status of the National Mountain of Norway. It is the shape, as well as the history of the mountain that over the years have been attracting, inspiring and drawing mountaineers, artists and tourists from far and near to Tysfjord.

Mt. Stetind is a part of the same geological formation as the mountains of Lofoten, consisting of solid granite. The mountain is the largest natural obelisk in Northern Europe (solid rock formation). The granite from Mt. Stetind is ca. 1800 million years old.

Stetind remained inaccessible for a long time without any road connection and with a shape that made the peak seem impregnable. Both Norwegian and foreign mountaineers tried to ascend Mt. Stetind at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth centuries. Fame and honour awaited those who could reach the summit, yet many had to give up their dream. The 30th of July 1910 was the first time that humans stepped onto the top of Mt. Stetind, when Rubenson, Bryn and Schjelderup finally overcame the last barrier, the legendary "fingertip traverse".

Professor and philosopher Arne Næss fell in love with the mountain and went back to Stetind many times. Arne Næss, along with other enthusiasts, (including one of Norway's female pioneers in mountaineering, Else Hertzberg) found many new impressive routes to the top of Mt. Stetind. He was also a part of the group that successfully accomplished the first winter ascent of Mt. Stetind in 1963.

This website is just a taste of Stetind, which we hope you will find enjoyable and inspiring. It will offer you a quick insight into Stetind climbing history, introduce you to people who lived here and tell you about how different artists found their inspiration in Stetind. Here you will also find a gallery which is definitely worth visiting!

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